Thursday, April 03, 2008

Thanks, Scientists: 10-10-50 is Real!

Thanks, L, for this tip:

Sex Takes 3 to 13 Minutes, Study Says
, from

I know, I know, my poll conclusively proved that I'm only right about the 10-10-50 Rule, like, 75% of the time. Fine. But I maintain that a lot of guys, particularly the young'uns that I see, need to be released from the "Harder, Longer, More, and, Most Importantly, Longer" sex paradigm that they can't possibly live up to.

Don't believe me? Glance at the "Sex and Relationships" page of Men'

The first four articles on the page are:

"Maximize Your Sexual Stamina"

"10 Painless Ways to Last Longer in Bed"

"Tease and Please All of Her Erogenous Zones to Give Her an Amazing Orgasm"

and, lastly:

"Make it Hotter, Longer, and Better"

So the study from may not convince you, but really: just look at the clock. Entry to exit, sex just doesn't take that long. So relax.

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