Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sex Toys in Paris

Not Paris Hilton, you pervs!

Dear Go-To Girl,

Do you or any of your friends know of any good sex toy stores in Paris?

World Traveller

Dear WT,

While I have been to Paris and, I think, made a point of going to what my guidebook said was the "gay" district, I can't remember seeing any sex toy stores.

But seriously, I found this store, Rebecca Rils, "la boutique des plaisirs de feminin."

Looking at their prices for toys with which I'm familiar, it looks like the exchange rate is going to really get you if you buy toys in Paris. For instance, the Freshvibe costs 55 Euros and the nearly identical version at Babeland is $62.

Given the Euro/Dollar exchange rate, that vibrator will cost you $86.54 if you buy it in Paris. Yikes. But hey; when you need a vibrator you need a vibrator.

Good luck!


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J. A. Baker said...

Being an anime fan, I couldn't help but notice that a "Hello Kitty" vibrator was 19 Euros. That's about $29.89 according to